How to Get More Instagram Comments and Engagement

Comments and Engagement

Who wouldn’t want more comments on Instagram ? A better engagement on your Instagram profile is a significant asset. More comments means people interact with your content, allowing you to build a relationship with them and generate valuable social proof.

Some people try to get those comments the wrong way though. Just like people buy fake followers, some people use cheap tricks to try to get more comments. “Tag a friend! they’ll say in every post, when they’re not tagging users themselves. Nobody wants to do that. It’s painful, awkward and a little desperate – three adjectives you wouldn’t want to associate with your brand. We’re not even talking about apps like Combin, which promise you engagement by automating your likes and violating Instagram’s T&Cs.

In this article, we are going to talk about the different ways to get more likes on Instagram without looking like a pain.

Granted, Instagram’s algorithm no longer displays content in chronological order, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the time and day of posting. You are aware that Instagram’s algorithm works on engagement and that the more your post is liked and commented on, the more it will be shown to a large number of users. Maximize your potential reach by posting at the times and days when your audience will be there!

With a tool like Agorapulse, you can  schedule your posts to Instagram business accounts right from the dashboard and know the best times to upload your posts. You can even set content to repeat multiple times by setting a frequency for it to automatically post from the queue.

Post content that calls for a response

Certain types of content will naturally attract responses from Instagram users. It is therefore very useful to create posts that users simply have to comment on. This type of message often appeals to an emotion, a feeling or is somewhat provocative. Bonus points if posts are related to timely events, including vacations and holidays.instagram engagement

Share the commitments your brand, the feelings calling the feelings, your subscribers will be more inclined to react!

Encourage followers to share their thoughts on what their ideal date or dream wedding would be like

To increase the likelihood of commenting, you can also ask people directly for their opinion. Ask them to share their thoughts, memories, or opinions in the comments. You might be surprised at the number of responses received.

Reply to comments

A surefire way to get more comments is to leverage what you’ve already written in your posts. Respond to comments left by other users. Not only will this increase the number of comments (people won’t automatically see that half of the replies are from you), but it can generate more conversation. And more conversation means more comments, you follow? instagram comments

Are you overwhelmed by interactions? Use Agorapulse to monitor, manage, and respond to all comments on your Instagram account (and your other profiles). You will never miss an opportunity to generate more conversations with users who are already engaged with your content.answer comment

Asking “this or that” questions

“This or that” questions are a great way to generate a substantial number of comments and don’t require a lot of effort from followers. A low barrier to entry and little effort can often mean more participation. Everybody wins !

These type of posts show users two different options (often depicted in the image) that users will have to choose between. These questions can take the form of:

Classic or contemporary style? co-creationSome brands go so far as to co-create products with their subscribers, by having them vote for their favorite innovation or novelty.

These questions are easy to formulate and easy to answer for your subscribers. Some people may make a long comment, but others may choose to use one word and still feel like they agree. You can’t go wrong with these kinds of questions when you want to get more likes on your Instagram account.

Want more elaborate answers? You can always ask more open-ended questions, such as “Of the exercises done in class, which is your favorite and why?”

Start a contest

Instagram contests are a sure way to get more comments, you can request to comment on your post to be eligible to participate.instagram followers contest

Promote posts

If you need to gather social proof and want more comments on a particular post, the Promote Post option will be a big help. This will increase the visibility of your post and the more people who see it, the more likely you are to get comments

Promoting posts can be done quickly on Instagram, provided you have a business account . Each post will have the blue “Promote” button available when viewing it. Then you can choose to send people to your profile or site, or reach people near a given location. Either of these options will help you get more comments.

The final word

Using wacky tactics to get more Instagram likes will tend to scare users away rather than attract them. Instead, use strategies that build engagement . The interactions obtained in return will be natural and much more enthusiastic. People who visit your profile will notice it right away. Stick to the strategies and techniques presented in this article and you will see the comments pouring in!

Have you ever used any of the tactics described above to get more interactions on Instagram? Let us know what you think in the comments (or in the Instagram comments ^^)

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