How to gain followers on Facebook

How to gain followers on Facebook

In addition, an effective Social Media strategy can help catapult your e-commerce to success as we analyzed in this case study .

Among all social networks, Facebook, with more than 2,000 million users, remains the cornerstone of networks. Today we are going to show you several ways to gain more followers on Facebook and leverage them to increase your sales.

Having a strategy to gain visibility and subscribers on Facebook: is it worth it?

We will start by analyzing the current situation of the largest social network in the world, as well as its possibilities.

The data filtering and selling scandals, along with the movement of younger profiles to other social networks, have led many to want to condemn the Facebook social platform.

But, what is true in all this? This graph corresponds to daily active users. This information is extracted from the official information given by Facebook to its investors.

1449 million people, or 66% of the platform’s 2196 million users enter every day.

And that percentage of active users has been that way for at least two years. Facebook is therefore far from being in decline…

There are data that show that Facebook is doing quite well, such as the percentage of revenues and profits that have only increased since the creation of the network.

It’s true that other social networks such as Instagram are taking more and more market share, especially among young people, but just like Instagram, Facebook remains a key player.

In addition, the creation of advertising campaigns for each of the two is done from the same platform, which greatly facilitates the work.

The change in the algorithm penalizes poor quality Fan Pages.

In early 2018 Facebook updated Edge Rank, the algorithm that decides which posts will show up first.

In an effort to increase paid campaigns, Facebook has limited fan pages. That is, now when a brand publishes, fewer users can see it.

The default scope has been reduced, that’s true, but let’s see what’s behind it:

What was reduced was the reach of posts that did not generate interactions, rewarding those that did.

To better understand, when from your brand page, you post content, the reach that post will have will begin to be defined directly from first impressions.

If the first people who see the post, comment on it or like it, Facebook will give it more visibility.

On the other hand, if Facebook shows the post to the subscribers’ timeline and no one reacts, this post will be doomed, invisible. In the end, it’s a market that lives off subscriber-generated content, and it’s only logical and natural that the posts that appeal are given more prominence.

This change hurt brands with lots of followers but few interactions, and rewarded those with lots of engagement.

The new objective for brands is now to gain subscribers but from a content base that generates interactions. This is how it will turn into sales.

The benefits of building followers

It is by analyzing reality and being aware of the challenges of creating content that we will see the benefits.

1. Social essay

As an online buyer, we are reassured to know that we are not alone.

Seeing that the brand has the support of many people in the form of likes, it conveys trust and increases the conversion rate of your e-commerce.

It’s kind of like the symptom of the empty restaurant, your users are looking for people and atmosphere:

2. Segmentation

When you have a larger fan base, you have the option of creating segments to personalize and better target your Facebook Ads campaigns . This is applicable for larger sites and helps filter out users who already know us. Ads Manager, the Facebook campaign manager, offers you to link specific campaigns to people who are already subscribers.

3. Champs d’application

Obviously with more followers come more fields of application. Today is a waste of time and money.

Strategy to increase the number of followers on Facebook

4. Add a “Like” button to your site

The possibility of becoming a fan of the facebook page of your site without having to leave the page is a fast and effective form of building visitor loyalty.

This is to make the process easier for the user and to save him the time he would have to spend to open Facebook, search for your page and finally click on that same “Like” button.

It is imperative nowadays to highlight this “Like” button as well as a box to subscribe to the newsletter. If you want to increase your number of Facebook followers , create your own button here . It’s very simple and all you have to do is enter your URL and copy/paste the generated code into your site. We have already discussed this in other articles , but it is very important to pay attention to the location of the buttons for social networks. Your site should be a place of arrival, not an exit. Allow them to follow your page but don’t link out to your too cheap social networks. These are visits that will leave and never return.

5. Implement a Social Locker

This plugin for WordPress is a great way to gain a large number of Facebook followers and increase the distribution of your publications. Social Locker hides a “special” file, whether it’s the best part of a post, a video, or a link to download a file. This part will only be unlocked in exchange for a social action, in this case a “like”. We recommend that you use it in moderation. Avoid including it in all your content because your subscribers could perceive you as a person only interested in seeing their visibility increase at all costs.

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