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website creation software

Choosing the right software to create your website is not an easy task. In view of the business stakes that this implies, but also of the time and energy that such an operation mobilizes, it is better to opt for the right tool from the start. But faced with the multitude of CMS ( content management system ) available on the market, how can you be sure to make the most judicious choice?

What selection criteria?

The offer of website creation software , also called CMS ( content management system ), is quite plethoric on the market. Our selection was therefore developed by integrating various criteria, including the characteristics that we believe are essential:

However, drawing up a complete list of essential features seems difficult, as their degree of importance depends on your needs. Indeed, a company looking for a blogging tool will not have the same requirements as another wishing to create a showcase site.

Some companies will favor a high degree of customization , while others will favor simple software, in order to quickly set up a small website.

This is why we have especially endeavored to present a wide range of website editors , who meet various objectives and correspond to different company sizes. But all of them promise their share of advantages

We could not establish this comparison without mentioning WordPress , the undisputed champion of CMS. And we don’t weigh our words, since the market leader powers around 30% of the world’s websites!

Choosing this software is therefore choosing a safe bet, which enjoys solid expertise , a functional richness and a large community .

Open source , WordPress is flexible enough to respond to any type of project, even if it remains very blogging oriented, its core business.

Free version. WordPress has an already very complete free offer: you benefit from a large number of features to create a perfectly professional-looking website.

Many plugins and extensions . To complement the free offer, there are many plugins and extensions offering various services (more than 56,000 in the WordPress directory). What, for example, to improve your SEO, the security of your site and the fight against spam, the management of your social networks, etc.

Open-source . Thanks to open source, WordPress is very flexible, malleable. You therefore have control over it to align it with your needs and their evolution… even if that means putting your hands in the code a bit.

WordPress has a large catalog of themes, both free and paid themes. And thanks to the community of developers, new templates are created regularly. You can therefore create a neat website that looks like you… even without design skills.

SEO . WordPress is developed to take SEO constraints into account: tag generation, responsive design, page loading times, etc. And of course, many plugins are available to further optimize your natural referencing.

Our opinion on WordPress

WordPress remains a key player in the CMS category. Thanks to open source and all the extensions available, the possibilities of creating a site perfectly suited to your branding are endless.

But this high degree of customization has some limitations. Indeed, the tool is not the easiest to understand if you want to take full advantage of its potential. Therefore, new users may find themselves a bit “drowned” under all these possibilities and functionalities.

The French tool PrestaShop has become over the years another giant in the world of CMS. It has become one of the most used software in the world in its category. But unlike WordPress, it targets e-commerce

It therefore supports professionals in the creation and development of their online store , by managing:

Developed in open source , PrestaShop requires some computer knowledge, even if it remains very accessible to neophyte profiles.

Functional richness . PrestaShop has many very comprehensive native features:

Flexibility. Like many CMS, the software offers additional modules to enrich the basic version. So you build your tool with the features you really need.

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