Technological needs for communication with partners

Technological needs

Broadband internet connection

For commercial companies, it is now more than essential to have means of communicating directly in real time with the customer in order to quickly satisfy their requests. Adapting to the customer’s habits is therefore essential. As the latter is now constantly connected to the internet to shop, to buy online, to find information, to make an appointment, companies have every interest in also being present and clearly visible there. Owning a website and managing it efficiently is only possible with a good internet connection. Local telecom companies offer different types of technology to access the internet. Companies have the choice betweenfiber optics (FTTO, FTTH) and copper base lines (ADSL, VDSL, SDSL).

Cloud hosted ip telephony

The other communication medium most used by customers is the telephone call. Since the advent of the mobile phone, incoming calls within a company have continued to increase. Customers can call to request information or to make a complaint. From now on, companies can use technologies such as VoIP or voice transport via IP, (TCP/IP protocol) using their classic PABX and IPBX telephone switchboard combined with a SIP TRUNK. (

Metacentrex, is an advanced hosted telephony solution also called unfied communications on the cloud . These are licenses and softphones offered at Marseille by our company BTR . This service not only makes it possible to carry out the classic tasks of a switchboard ( call forwarding , call transfer, etc.) but also to carry out other additional tasks such as videoconferencing, instant messaging, sharing files or media , etc. This service makes it possible to carry out outgoing call campaigns thanks to configurable software which is made available.

Tools to provide to employees

To properly manage internal communication, the business manager must provide his employees with effective work tools. The following tools make it possible to increase productivity and save time since, thanks to advanced technologies applied to the company, it is no longer necessary, for example, to travel or to meet physically for a meeting.

Mobile telephony

In a constantly changing professional world, offering favorable working conditions is an additional guarantee for the company to keep good people and attract skills. It is also necessary for employees to be able to remain mobile as much as they want in order to be able to reconcile their family life and their professional life more easily.

To do so, a company’s employees must have mobile phones with OPEN SIM enabling them to use the 3 networks (Orange, Bouygues, SFR) as well as suitable mobile plans. Thanks to alternative operators, it is possible to have better services at better prices. They can also provide access to non-binding contracts to make unlimited calls and send SMS to mobiles and landlines in France as well as to more than 100 destinations abroad.

With these mobile plans specially dedicated to professionals, it is possible to considerably reduce the amounts of your company’s telephone bills.

Unified communications and collaborative work tools

Thanks to the customizable data that comes with mobile plans, employees can connect from their phone to unified communications interfaces. This new concept uses state-of-the-art technology that allows employees and collaborators to access all of their applications and communication channels used within te company:

Thanks to unified communications, employees can connect at any time and from any terminal (PC, tablet, telephone). They can thus continue collaborative work via this technology whether they are in the office, at home or traveling abroad. Unified communications are also transforming the lives of employees who can now telecommute thanks to synchronous communications which allows them to receive updates and notifications in real time, video calls but also asynchronous communications such as email.

Positioning and marketing tools

Technological advances make it possible to perform various tasks remotely, such as organizing a videoconference with several remote participants . In addition, all of these unified communications tools can also be essential as positioning tools and marketing tools.. Today, soliciting new customers is almost impossible without good visibility. To reach as many people as possible, it is necessary to ensure a permanent presence on the communication channels most used by consumers. In this case, these are public social networks (twitter, instagram and facebook, etc.) as well as professional social networks (linkedIn, etc.). These technologies allow the company to connect with its community of fans and also provide access to an inexhaustible marketing and advertising resource .

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